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Maayan Zin
Two of her daughters are kidnapped
Dafna is 15 years old, and Ella is 8 years old


Our Goal is to Reach 1,000,000 voices saying
every woman’s life is equally precious. 


We already here 392,347

We will not stand by, we will not remain silent

On October 20th, following the Hamas terror attack on Israel, the 'UN Women' organization published a detailed report under the name “UN Women Rapid Assessment and Humanitarian Response in the Occupied Palestinian Territory” followed by an official UN Women statement on October 27th under the name "In-focus: The conflict in Gaza".

The organization repeatedly failed to address the current situation as it is and is actively and knowingly working to create a false and insidious narrative.



During Hamas' October 7th terror attack that triggered the current war, hundreds of Israeli women were brutally burned, beheaded, raped, killed, and kidnapped. The organization did not address or mention any of them.


Even though Hamas has been labeled as a terror organization by the US and EU, the organization refers to the October 7th massacre as a "Hamas attack", implying that it is legitimate.


The organization published several more articles about women in Gaza. Israeli civilians in general, or Israeli women in particular, were not mentioned in the organization's reports or articles.


The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court clearly defines sexual violence as a distinct war crime. The UN Women is turning a blind eye to Hamas' vicious war crimes by remaining silent.


A call for the return of women in captivity, including young girls and elderly women, was not made by the organization. A visit by the Red Cross or another prominent human rights organization was not called for either.

We call on all Humanity around the world to speak up!

Every woman’s life is equally precious

No side of any story should be deliberately excluded

This is an emergency call out to be the voice of all the Israeli women who were brutally -





and murdered

on October 7 in Israel –

some in their homes,

some in their beds,

some while dancing at a music festival.

A voice of almost 100 women and young girls, who are still being held hostage or missing in Gaza.

About Us

#MeToo_Unless_Ur_A_Jew is a grassroots global campaign founded and lead by Danielle Ofek in the aftermath of the October 7th terror attack by Hamas in Israel where hundreds of women were brutally murdered, many mutilated and raped, and 84 kidnapped and still held hostage, including girls.

When it comes to being a “global champion for gender equality” and raising awareness of human rights violations against women, it is very clear that for UN Women, and the UN as a whole, Jews simply do not count.


It is a case of #MeToo_Unless_UR_A_Jew.


Should not remain silent.

If you too believe that every woman's life is valuable

join our effort in holding all those who don't - accountable.

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