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January 3rd, 2024

Open letter for UN Women’s partners and donors.

Dear CEO, CFO, Head of CSR, Head of DEI, Head of ESG,


We are reaching out to you as an industry leader who has long demonstrated a steadfast commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Your valuable and impactful contributions in upholding these essential values have significantly advanced the cause of equitable and inclusive treatment for all. However, recent developments concerning UN Women’s actions, or lack thereof, in response to the sexual atrocities committed against Israeli women and girls by Hamas on October 7, and their ongoing silence regarding the brutal kidnapping and treatment of female hostages, have prompted us to bring to your attention as a key partner of UN Women the organization’s hypocrisy in dealing with this crisis.


On multiple occasions UN Women has been presented with official evidence to the mass rape, mutilation, murder and kidnapping of Israeli women and girls. The organization has yet to condemn Hamas, and worse has chosen conspicuous silence and inaction. This is particularly disconcerting, given UN Women's proclaimed role as an unbiased champion of women's rights. This starkly contradicts UN Women’s purported values and mission statement, as well as those of your organization and threatens the integrity of your work.


UN Women describes itself as a global champion of gender equality and is presented to the world as an impartial, objective, and non-political organization. As stated in its mission statement “we deliver programs, policies and standards that uphold women’s human rights”. Unfortunately, the organization’s leadership team has fundamentally veered off course, driven by personal beliefs and political views rather than committed service to the organization's agendas, mission and partners.


Considering these developments, we feel it is crucial for organizations such as yours, deeply invested in defending women’s rights and human rights in general, to reassess your alignment with UN Women. There appears to be a growing divergence between the values you champion and the recent actions, and/or inactions, of UN Women’s leadership.


Therefore, we urge you to call for a thorough review to determine whether continued financial support of UN Women aligns with your organization's commitment to DEI values. This evaluation is vital not only to maintain the integrity of your DEI efforts but also to ensure that your contributions are effectively furthering the cause of true equality and justice - notwithstanding the need to set in place a mechanism by which potential future missteps could be prevented.


We appreciate your consideration of this pressing issue and look forward to your continued leadership in championing the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion we all hold dear. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.




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