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Our Mission

Ensuring Every Woman's Voice is Heard

At the heart of our campaign is a commitment to ensuring that all women, including Israelis and others, are represented fairly and without bias in the global conversation on women's rights. We have identified workable solutions to reform practices within UN Women, ensuring that the organization steadfastly adheres to its core mission of gender equality and empowerment for all women, regardless of their nationality or the political context of their situation.

Challenging Bias

We are dedicated to challenging and actively opposing any biases within UN Women, especially where the organization appears to be influenced by specific political ideologies or narratives that diverge from its fundamental mission. Our goal is to ensure that women's rights are advocated for universally and impartially, without the influence of political bias or selective attention.

New Protocol for Leadership Accountability

We advocate for the establishment of a new protocol within UN Women that demands strict adherence to objectivity and impartiality in its leadership. This protocol will introduce measures to remove and replace leaders who fail to maintain these standards. This change is crucial to preserving the integrity and purpose of UN Women as a truly global advocate for all women.

Stringent Standards and Oversight

Our campaign calls for UN Women to be held to higher standards of accountability and transparency. We propose more rigorous scrutiny of the organization's operations and decisions. This scrutiny is vital to prevent any deviation from UN Women's stated objectives and to ensure that the organization remains a credible and effective voice for women's rights.

Conditional Funding

We propose that funding for UN Women should be conditional upon their adherence to standards of impartiality and objectivity. Should the organization fail to comply with these criteria, a temporary suspension or review of funding would be in order. This approach ensures that financial support is consistently aligned with the organization's core values and effectiveness.

Auditing Reports and Statements

We recommend that all reports, publications, and position statements issued by UN Women undergo a comprehensive auditing process. This audit will ensure that these documents are free from bias, align with the organization's mandate, and are based on factual and balanced information.

Our campaign is more than just a call for reform

It is a movement towards a world where the rights and voices of all women are equally represented and respected. 

Through these measures, we aim to create a more accountable, transparent, and impartial UN Women, one that truly embodies its mission to advocate for women's rights and gender equality on a global scale. Join us in this crucial endeavor to ensure that no woman's story is left untold, and no woman's rights are left unspoken.

"In the pursuit of justice and equality, let our voices be the harbinger of change, unwavering in our conviction that every woman's story deserves to be heard, every woman's rights fiercely defended. Together, we are the architects of a future where impartiality and truth light the path to universal empowerment."

Danielle Ofek

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